Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urban Life

"Looking Down Columbia Street" small Monotype on Board SOLD

"20 MPH"  small Monotype on Board

  Since I moved from Bend to Portland in January I've been really intrigued  by the consent activity of the urban Portland scene. Most of you know my work as concentrating on the Central Oregon Landscape but I have painted a few City Scapes.  I am excited about working on some more especially now with the autumn trees that are turning red, orange and yellow.  I've been going on field trips around downtown, the pearl district and the 23rd street area trying to capture the city life in film as reference to take back to my studio on Lovejoy.   I hope to have a body of this new work soon so stay tuned.  

1 comment:

Dayna Collins said...

I was in the Bend art gallery today and loved your monoprints!