Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Workshop at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

I'm taking a painting class in Otis Oregon on the Oregon coast at Sitka. It is a class called
Abstract Oil Painting with Oil and Wax in Alkyd Medium. It's taught by Allen Cox.
I'm really enjoying the class and the people in the class. Sitka is such a beautiful place!!!

This is the last painting I worked on today. I'd still like to add a little light in the horizon but need to wait for the paint to dry.

This is the 2nd painting. I'm not done with this one yet. I need to wait for the paints to dry. I think I'm putting them on a little too thick.

First Painting of the workshop. Got a little wild but it was fun figuring out the medium.


Angela Wales Rockett said...

Beautiful work! Sounds like fun too. Are these type of workshops a regular thing at Sitka?

Tracy Leagjeld said...

Thanks. The class has been great. Sitka has allot of different classes. You can check out their web site at Hope to see you at one of their workshops.