Saturday, May 23, 2009

Proud Mom

I find it interesting how creativity runs in families. Is it nature or nurture or a little of both? My mom and her brother are both artistic. My mom is a wonderful painter even though she doesn't paint as often as she should. My uncle is a self taught sculptor. I doubt that they were exposed to much art as children. My sister and I are both artists. I remember my mom taking a few painting classes when I was very young but she really didn't paint much after that. I don't really remember her encouraging my artistic ability ever. My own children are extremely talented artists. Carlie is working on her MFA at American University in DC and Anders is working on his MFA in Photography at Art Academy of San Francisco. As opposed to my childhood, I highly encouraged my children's creativity from a very early age. They would go out painting with me on location. Carlie would bring her paints and Anders would bring his camera. They also would paint next to me at home. It was just something we would do. They grew up with their framed artwork on our walls along side mine and other artists. I wonder if my mother and I had had more encouragement as children how would our painting careers be different? Would it have mattered?
Anders has a show at the Wow Hall in Eugene Oregon and Carlie has a show at HEITMANN [atelier & gallery] in Lancaster, PA
Anders' photography
Carlie's paintings

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